DVB-H / DVB-SH Encapsulator (IPE-10)

Mobile TV Broadcast Head-End

UDcast - Mobile TV Broadcast Head-End


OneAccess IPE-10, the first fully DVB-H and DVB-SH compliant IP Encapsulator, is a crucial network infrastructure element for delivering digital TV to mobile devices.

In order to cost-effectively and reliably deliver content such as live television to a large number of mobile devices, service providers must address the issues of scalability and mobility. At the same time, device power consumption, as well as mobile and indoor reception are concern. OneAccess IPE addresses these issues in a shared infrastructure environment.

The IPE is fully compliant with the DVB-H and DVB-SH standard implementing all the required functionality, as well as valuable optional features, ensuring the reliable delivery of digital content. In particular, OneAccess IPE includes time-slicing technology maximizing battery life and reducing the impact of the power intensive delivery of TV to mobile devices. It involves sending data in bursts, enabling the handset to shut down the receiver between bursts thereby minimizing power consumption and preserving battery life. Furthermore radio impairments , characteristic of mobile environments, are mitigated by the IPE's forward error correction mechanisms.

The IPE is the first to deliver sophisticated head-end functionality, including IPE management, quality of service enforcement, statistical channels multiplexing and support for handover from cell to cell.

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Full DVB-H compliance

  • Fully compliant with the DVB-H standard, guaranteeing full interoperability
  • Includes all DVB-H optional features, ensuring full functionality

Full DVB-SH compliance (option)

  • Fully compliant with the DVB-SH implementation with all options
  • SH Insertion Protocol (SHIP) generation of transmitters
  • DVB-SH iFEC interbursts Forward Error Correction

Unique time-slicing technology

  • Full stream management with buffering and bursting
  • Mobile terminal power savings
  • Customizable time slice duration for optimized bandwidth allocation
  • Increased number of services with statistically multiplexed feeds

Standard DVB-H and DVB-SH IP Forward Error Correction

  • Radio impairments mitigation
  • Reliable content delivery

Full head-end functionality

  • Network management
  • Security management with encryption and dynamic IPsec re-keying
  • Cell-to-cell handover support
  • Integrated MIP (Megaframe Initialization Packet) insertion (option)
  • Integrated SHIP (SH Initialization Packet) insertion (option)

Adapted Qos

  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation with 3 levels of QoS
  • Policy enforcement points: bandwidth enforcement on a per service or session basis according to configuration of the service
  • Prioritization of IPsec sessions carrying re-keying information (keystream)

Monitoring and testing

  • Replay of recorded MPEG2 transport stream
  • IP, PSI/SI, MPEG2 statistics graphic visualization