User Bandwidth Management

In maritime, oil, gas or mining environment, the Internet access is a key aspect of crew welfare, as it provides the link to families and relatives as well as entertainment. However, satellite bandwidth is limited and costly. The UDgateway User Bandwidth Management enables a fine-tuned management of this scarce resource.

Flexible User Definition

Users can be defined by either its IP or network username adapted to network engineering or customer constraints.

Differentiated Service Levels

Users are members of a group with various characteristics and rights. It allows the differentiation between administrator, captain, VIPs and standard users with diffferent access privileges.

"Walled garden" Internet Access

Quotas are defined as an amount of data or connected time for a determined time window (day, week or month). When a user is not authenticated, Internet access is blocked and all http requests are redirected to a web site requiring the user to authenticate with username and password. The service is intuitive for end-users familiar with a hotel hotspot-like Internet access.

Quota Management

Quotas can be defined per volume or per duration to enable usage rights to be allocated for individual crew members on a per month basis. Individual quotas (per user) and shared quotas (group of users) are supported. Multiple quotas per user can also be defined (e.g. a global shared quota can be combined with an individual quota). A quota can be associated to a specific link (for instance: unlimited quota for VSAT link, limited quota for MSS link).

Usage Reports

Detailed log-files are maintained to monitor bandwidth consumption including highlighting users with excessive usage.. Abnormal traffic volume can be pinpointed to enable isolation of an individual PC or application consuming too much bandwidth.

Local Administration
Particularly useful for on-board ship environments the administrator has full local control of the Internet service, including disconnection when moving through a region with high Internet access costs, re-enabling once inside a low-cost satellite coverage zone.