Services Overview

As a leader in the convergence of IP and broadcast media, OneAccess Network Bandwidth Optimization (NBO) provides products and solutions to its partners worldwide. Beyond software and appliances, and through a complete portfolio of services, OneAccess stands by its customers' side, accompanying them throughout the lifecycle of their project.

What Makes OneAccess NBO Unique?
  • Internationally recognized operational expertise
  • A pragmatic approach to matching technology to market needs
  • A focus on today's operational solutions while paving the way for tomorrow's technologies
  • A successful combination of services, technologies, and products
  • A step-by-step approach, tuned to your time constraints



  • Architectural solutions and optimization
  • Assistance in the launching of optimized VPN and Cloud application delivery optimization
  • IP-DVB technologies, dynamic multicast and asymmetrical routing
  • IP-DVB system studies


  • Adaptation of OneAccess technology to the OEM environment (R&D tailored to your core technologies and specific drivers)
  • High added value through the integration and optimization of OneAccess software products tuned to your needs, infrastructure, and solutions
  • Integration of OneAccess appliances into your environment, resulting in complete turnkey solutions (IP addressing, dynamic routing, integration to the operator's specific environment, assistance in integrating into proprietary environments)


  • Technologies, products, and solutions
  • In-house training facilities providing access to core technologies and demo platforms
  • Customized training at your premises

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OneAccess services are aimed at both broadcasting experts seeking to evolve towards a full IP environment and to IP experts who wish to understand the intricacies of broadcast media. Whether you are an OEM, a satellite operator, an integrator, or a value-added solution provider, our services are tailored to your team's profile and to your specific needs.

OneAccess services are best suited to two types of professionals: lead engineers and project managers seeking technology expertise. However, the services are also targeted at executives, decision-makers, designers of managed services, and IT directors in institutions and government.


OneAccess delivers its services in a mixed-mode environment, teaming up your dedicated resources with our R&D staff, and assigning our experts to your project's specific needs. The combination of staff proximity and adequate expert coaching guarantees services of a high standard, tailored to your needs.

Our services are managed in a project mode by a specialized team. A single project management interface, designated for the lifetime of the project, is responsible for timely deliveries and successful project completion.