Accelerated VPN over Satellite

Internet connectivity can become unavailable or under-perform in many situations, whether due to missing or unreliable infrastructure, or due to mobility issues.  Wireless Internet access is the obvious solution, but the specific characteristics of wireless networks require special attention.  For example, satellite 3G and 4G exhibit widely different characteristics in terms of bandwidth, latency, security and cost.  In some cases, multiple networks are available.  In other cases, both fixed line and wireless are available. This opens specific challenges and brings new opportunities, such as link switching.  OneAccess WAN Optimization solutions can significantly enhance throughput in this challenging environment.

Whatever technology you chose, Satellite & Wireless networks usually present a number of challenges:

  • Bandwidth: The available bit rate is substantially lower than that typically available on a fixed line connection, which means there is a greater need for data compression.
  • Cost: Whether they are based on a flat fee, time or volume, the resulting costs are significantly higher for satelllite compared with an equivalent fixed line connection.  Some contracts display attractive pricing, but the fine print includes some form of limitation, typically a maximum monthly volume. In this case, any extra volume incurs costly charges re-inforcing the need for compression.
  • Latency: Satellites imply latency caused by orbiting and the large distance from earth; other communication technologies, in particular 2G/3G mobile networks, are affected by latency problems caused by complexity.  Latency has a direct impact on transmission protocols, as end-points wait for acknowledgments.  There is a need for protocol-specific acceleration.
  • Coverage: No single satellite or wireless system spans the entire planet.  Mobile users sometimes have multiple choices of access networks to choose from, depending on where they are. As the user is moving, handover is needed.  Each access network has its own performance and cost characteristics. There is a need for automatically selecting the “best” network at any given point in time.
  • Security: Wireless networks are inherently insecure as anyone can monitor the radio signals, and anyone can attempt to transmit on your radio channel.  Wireless technologies include security features, but this is limited to the radio segment. The ground infrastructure connects to the public Internet, and is subject to the traditional security threats such as eavesdropping, viruses and unauthorized connection attempts.  There is a need for an end-to-end security solution.

OneAccess Satellite & Wireless Solutions address the above issues so that service providers can offer LAN-like services, and end-users are able to forget that they are connected through a specific network.  This increases customer satisfaction and strengthens the service provider’s value proposition.

Challenge OneAccess Solution

Bandwidth is scarce and / or expensive

Web caching; suppression of redundant traffic with WANcompress; media compression.

Streaming video overloads the links Web caching; suppression of redundant traffic; media compression; filtering; bandwidth management (QoS)
Bandwidth of a single link is insufficient Link bonding with transparent switching
Large email and file transfers overload the links Suppression of redundant traffic; bandwidth management (QoS)
Latency is too long TCP acceleration; Web caching; DNS caching; SMTP acceleration
Connections can be eavesdropped Encryption and authentication
Unauthorized connection attempts Built-in firewall; filtering
Inappropriate usage Filtering; bandwidth management (QoS)